GAZİ STATE HOSPITAL
Our hospital was founded in 1954. Bunyat ARSAN started to serve on Istiklal Street. Between the years 1960-1962 Dr. Burhanettin GÜRS was directed by. In 1962 Op. Dr. Enver Gürsel moved to his new place on Aziziye Street, where he still continues to serve in 1964 after he became chief physician. Between the years 1965-1968 Dr. Hamza KOPUZ, between the years 1968-1969. Dr. Mümtaz SERDENGEÇTİ, between the years 1969-1971. Dr. Sermet GÖK, Dr. Türesin ÇEHRELİ between 1971-1972, and Dr. Özkan between 1973-1979. Dr. Orhan KÖKSAL, between the years 1979-1985. Prof. Dr. Kemal BOZDEMİR, Dr. Yılmaz KEFELİ between 1985-1989, Dr. Aslan ÇINAR between 1990 and 1992, and Dr. Mustafa ALTINIŞIK, Op.Dr.Mesut ÇOBAN between 1994-1997, Op.Dr.Celalettin AKYOL between 1997-1998, Op.Dr.Bayram GÜLASAN between 1998-2000, Dr.Ersin YILMAZ between the years of 2000-2002 Between the years 2007 and 2007, Dr.Habib DEMİREL, between 2007-2012 Op.Dr.Ahmet A.İSMAİLOĞLU was the chief physician. Between the years 2012-2013 Exp. Dr.Hikmet TERECİ worked as Dr.Yılmaz DÜNDAR Hospital Manager between 2013-2014. Between 2015 and 2017, he served as chief physician. As of December 2017, Emine SEHMEN has been working as Chief Physician. Our hospital has 250 beds in its establishment; In 2007, 750 beds, 78 polyclinics and 14 clinical capacity has reached. In 2008, within the scope of the patient room revision program, 530 bed capacity and 311 bed capacity were increased in 2012. Until 2005, the Social Insurance Institution (SSK) Samsun Regional Hospital, while serving only the insured right holders, has been named Samsun Gazi State Hospital by passing into the structure of T.C.Health Ministry with the legal arrangements regarding the collection of health system under one roof. t.c.sağlık organizational changes that took place in 2012 with the Ministry of Public Hospitals Authority Turkey has been created and public hospitals are connected to the Provincial General Secretary. In this context, hospital management organization changed and Hospital Management, Chief Physician, Administrative and Financial Services Directorate, Health Care Services Directorate, Patient Care and Health Hotel Management Directorate were established. In our hospital, where an average of 5000-5500 patients apply daily, since 2005, many innovations have been implemented in terms of service delivery. MRI, Computed Tomography, Bone Densitometry, Mammography, USG, imaging services such as public relations and orientation services, hospital information management system, such as strengthening the mission of our hospital with each passing day, continues to offer services open to innovation. With the establishment of the PACS system in 2012, our physicians will be able to see and interpret radiological imaging on the internet. With the introduction of the E-Prescription system, which was put into practice on 01.07.2012 by the Ministry, on 15.01.2013, patient medicines were started to be entered electronically by physicians. As of 2018, our hospital; 311 beds, 75 polyclinics, 8 bed capacity Coronary Intensive Care, 8 bed capacity Surgical Intensive Care, 11 bed capacity Internal Intensive Care, 12 bed capacity General Intensive Care-1 and 9 bed capacity General Intensive Care-2 units. Hemodialysis Unit, Home Health Care Services, Nuclear Medicine Unit, Community Mental Health Center also continues to offer special health services. Patients who wish to apply to our hospital for examination can make an appointment online via the Central Hospital Appointment System (MHRS) of the Ministry of Health or make appointments by telephone with Alo 182. In our hospital, our patients can make diagnosis and treatment procedures directly by selecting the specialist physician in the branch they want with the Physician Selection Application. The results and reports of all X-rays, analyzes and other diagnostic tests of the patients are provided by directing them to the relevant units on computer. You can also see the results of the examination from the Online Laboratory result section on the website of our hospital. As Gazi State Hospital; modern diagnosis and treatment is constantly developing and quality, sustainable health service to offer you the most effective way.