How do I get an examination?


You can be examined in two ways in our hospital:
1. You can make an appointment by calling 182 from the Central Hospital Appointment System (MHRS). For more information, please visit
2.If you have personally applied to the hospital:
- To ensure that patients who will apply to our hospital can have complete and quick admission and other procedures, T.C. official identification number (identity card, driver's license or institution document) will be required. Please do NOT forget to bring it with you.
- Our patients will first apply to the polyclinics that they want to be examined in order to register the computer and they will be able to have their registration made by the secretary of the doctor.
-Follow the sequence number given to you for the examination from the numerator on the policlinic doors.
-In terms of privacy of the patients who are examined, please do not enter unless your name is on the patient call screen on the outpatient entrance door.
-The examination, x-ray, etc. given by your doctor after the examination. After entering the computer environment prompts can go to the appropriate units.
- If you are a paid patient, the doctor will give you the test, röntgen.vb. You can go to the relevant units and have your examinations done.
- Blood Collection Unit for biochemistry and microbiology tests; X-ray, tomography, MR, etc. Please go to the related department by registering with the secretaries of these units for the examinations.
- Your blood test results requested, X-ray, MR, etc. The reports of your transactions can be seen on the computer by the physician automatically from the computer environment and PACS server.
-Please do not wait in line to get results.