Companion Rules


- The need for companion is determined by the patient's physician.

-The number of companions is limited to one person.

- Companions must follow hospital rules.

- Accompanying card must be issued in order to stay companion and benefit from catering services.

 -Friends can benefit from our hospital's catering services without paying a separate fee.

-Your companion card must be inserted.

- There are companion seats in the patient rooms so that the companions can rest.

- The companion must inform the service nurse if there is a problem with the patient.

- Companions should not make any application to the patient without the knowledge of the physician or nurse.

-Friends should keep the hospital belongings and materials clean and tidy.

- Food should not be placed in clothes closets and etagers.

-07: 00-09: 00 hours due to the cleaning and visits should be waited outside the clinic taking into account the warnings.

- After 22:00 in the evening, except for obligatory cases should not go out of service.

-Refriends should not bring food to the patient or give food or drink to the patient without the knowledge of the physician or nurse.

-Refriends should not take their patients out of the hospital or change their bed, except the request of the physician or nurse.

-The use of tobacco and alcoholic substances within the hospital is prohibited.

- Companions should not go to the companion change frequently and should inform the clinically responsible nurse if the change is compulsory.